Saying Goodbye to Vienna

Following are a few photos in memory of Vienna, a European capital rich in culture and history.


(Move your cursor over each photo for caption/description. Android, iPhone and iPad users – hold a finger on each photo for a few seconds for caption/description)

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Vienna

  1. A beautiful panorama of life in a historic capital, thank you Merrilee for sharing! Your images of the great River Danube reminded me that man’s great cities are always next to water, whether this be the sea or a great river. Take good care and looking forward to your next post. Isn’t Austria in lockdown at the moment?

    1. Glad you enjoyed my last posting on Vienna.

      According to my knowledge, Vienna is currently under lockdown due to the pandemic. I was there a couple of months ago before the pandemic took hold. I always write about my adventures sometime after I leave a place so I have good perspective.

      I am home in the States now. I will continue writing my blog as my adventures happened in Bratislava, Slovakia, and various locations in Romania. Fortunately, I was also there before the pandemic affected these places.


      1. Pat (Reynolds) Aalvik

        Merrilee – Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. You certainly have immersed yourself completely in the various communities, and it is a privilege for us to experience all that vicariously through the beautifully detailed descriptions and pictures in your posts. We feel like we’ve traveled with you! Thanks, and welcome home!
        Pat (Reynolds) Aalvik

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