Saying goodbye to Lviv

Visiting the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life was my last adventure before departing Lviv.

It was a bit of a hike on dirt paths through a hilly, landscaped park to get to the open air Museum of Folk Architecture in the outskirts of Lviv. Along the way I ran into a friendly young lady named Natalia who was walking her dog. She confirmed, upon my inquiry, that I was going in the right direction and then offered to accompany me.

Natalia, a native of Lviv, studied English in her early school years, then stopped. We still managed to communicate in English quite well. Her job is an insurance sales agent. Her passion is landscape architecture, which she does for a hobby. Twenty minutes later we arrived at the open-air museum. Our brief, friendly encounter was heart-warming.

One aim of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life is showing rural life in all its forms from villages in western Ukraine. A highlight of the outdoor museum was the unusual architecture of several well-preserved wooden churches including their fine ecclesiastical interiors. One church was a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List of wooden Orthodox (and some Eastern Catholic) churches of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine which were built between 16th and 19th centuries.


Following are a few photos in memory of my experience in Lviv, a multicultural city that exudes European Charm and UNESCO history. 


(Move your cursor over each photo for caption/description.  Android, iPhone, and iPad users – hold a finger on each photo for a few seconds for caption/description)


2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Lviv

  1. A sad goodbye to Ukraine, Merrilee, as it would have been wonderful to learn more about the people, history and culture of a country that is clearly European and closer to Western culture than its decades-long occupation by the Soviet Union would imply. Thank you so much for sharing; you have certainly made me realise that this is a country one should definitely visit for its people, culture, history and … food!!

    1. HI Lee,

      Many thanks for all your fabulous insightful comments about Ukraine in response to my writings. I will respond to each as time permits.

      I have left the wonderful country of Ukraine, but haven’t finished writing about it yet. Odessa is still to come. I plan to write about Odessa in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!


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