My Arrival in Hungary

I have safely arrived in Budapest, Hungary. It is deep in the winter of 2019 now. Days are cold, but clear. I spend my time bundled up in layers while exploring this dynamic, beautiful city.

Some of my adventures will follow shortly.


(Move your cursor over each photo for caption/description.  iPad users – hold a finger on each photo for a few seconds for caption/description)


7 thoughts on “My Arrival in Hungary

  1. Lovely picture. Thank you and thanks for sending this. This is quite an adventure. Yes, keep warm. Over stateside it is a deep freeze, but tomorrow, Sunday, it will be in the 40s. HEAT WAVE! God bless!

  2. Hi Merrilee,

    Martha is visiting me and we can enjoy reading about your travels together. In Naples, FL.

    Happy time to you.



    Sent from my Boost Mobile Phone.

  3. Hi Merrilee: looking forward to reading of your adventures in the weeks ahead. Stay warm. Maggie


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