London to Krakow, Poland

Piccadilly Circus, London

My journey from Boston to Poland was punctuated with a stop in London for a couple of days to get over jet before landing in the totally foreign territory (to me) of Poland. London feels like home now having spent a good amount of time there last winter plus sharing a common language. Poland not so – having never been there and not knowing one word of Polish.

Victoria Palace Theatre where Hamilton is playing in London

The highlight of my stay in London was snaring a much-sought-after ticket to the London production of the multiple Tony award winner musical “Hamilton”, which was performed in a newly refurbished theatre near Piccadilly Circus. I sat next to a friendly couple from Oxford, a couple of hours away, who had bought their tickets one year before.

This *“..hip-hop version of America’s Founding Fathers” kept me on the edge of my seat trying to follow every word while recalling the details of early American history. The complicated rhythms and lyrics the actors espoused reminded me of the difficulty Shakespearean actors must have.

The rapped words “Alexandre Hamilton” reverberated in my mind until I landed on Polish soil via Ryan Air several days later. All my senses took over when I was greeted with the Polish language which encompassed me.  My London adventure was suddenly history (quite literally!).


*New York Times article

3 thoughts on “London to Krakow, Poland

  1. Welcome to Poland Merrilee and glad you enjoyed London. Krakow has a lot of history but avoid the amber market as it is a huge rip-off (I bought imported Polish amber in England for less than a quarter of the price being charged in the over-priced markets of Krakow).

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